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We started to make curd from milk just 16 years ago. However, our parents have been committed to these areas for a longer time – the birth-year of the farm is 1859.
The farm of our ancestors is being managed by the eighth generation already, and there is no doubt that it will be by the ninth as well…


Voldemar’s son Hans and his lady Helgi had a son Tiit. Yes, the one – with the family-name Niilo.


Tiit became the head of the family after the early death of his father, being just an 10th grader at the School of Vastseliina.
In addition to the work on the state farm, they dealt with beekeeping as well and had a large berry garden and an orchard. They also had two cows and several litters of piglets and chickens.


Grandfather Voldemar Niilo submitted the required papers to the Restitution Commission for the recovery of the Nopri farm. He relinquished the right of priority in favour of his grandson Tiit. The farm was started with four cows and six pigs.


An old Nopri animal barn was destroyed in a fire accident. The old building was restored the same year and a new barn with 14 cows was built in addition.


Tiit bought a gable hall, an old barn, which is a part of the bankruptcy estate of OÜ Kärinä. He also managed to buy a barn-dryer and some agricultural machinery.

In later years, several real estates were bought, as well as the old dairy and communication department of Tsiistre.


Russia stopped buying dairy products from Estonia the same year, as a result of which many Estonian farms closed down.
Nopri did not close up the farm, instead curds and yoghurt were made from home-made milk using self-built and adapted equipment.


The industry meets the requirements. The aim becomes to offer consumers dairy products made from genuine raw materials that do not use preservatives or other chemical substances.

The slogan of Nopri dairy farm becomes “From our farm directly to you!”.


Nopri Talumeierei OÜ was formed. The products went on sale in stores. Only natural spices, little processed and possibly local ingredients are used in the production.


A biorefiner was built and a packing machine was purchased.


A new barn was built for 150 dairy cows.


The construction of a new dairy began.


A new dairy, an agri-tourism center, a conference hall, a modern kitchen and a farm shop were finished.

As the dairy is located in the same building as the dairy cow barn, transporting the milk to the dairy is quick and easy. The work of the dairy is organized in a modern way and the necessary procedures are controlled by the technology.

Nopri’s horseradish butter was recognized as the best dairy product of this year in Estonia.


The agri-tourism started, having around 3,500 tourists a year..

The new dairy started producing farm cheese using environmentally friendly technology for the first time.

The dairy considers its target group to be a conscious end consumer who values a healthy lifestyle.

Awarded the title of “Estonia’s Best Food Product from a Small Regional Business” – Farm milk curd with cream.


Estonia’s Best Product from South-Estonia’s Small Business – Sour milk


The farm has 510 ha of agricultural land, of which 180 ha are owned. We grow grain on 180 ha and grassland on 330 hectares. There are 430 cattle, 190 of which are dairy cows and 240 are young animals. There are 11 workers on the farm.

The farm dairy – we market at least 30 different dairy products from raw milk to cheese. There are 140 resale shops. The dairy has 11 workers.

Our production can be characterized by the principle – Genuine Estonian country food, and marketing – From our farm directly to You.

Nopri product is clean, traditional, lightly processed and reliable.


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